“Scientists We Adore”

Summarized by Rajvi Mehta

A unique talk to celebrate Baldivas was organized by YJ Trivedi-AMA academy for Intellectual Property Rights. We thank Mr. Jatin Trivedi of YJ Trivedi-AMA academy and SciKnowTech for making this event possible. Mrs. Gopi Trivedi introduced speakers of the evening, Ms. Dipti Shah (Chartered Accountant) and Dr. Megha Bhatt. Dr. Megha Bhatt is owner and founder of SciKnowTech with a rich 25 years of experience in academics and 10 years in research.

Using very simple and easy to understand language, kids were introduced to Intellectual Property Rights, Copyrights, Trademark, Patent and importance of these terms. In the 2nd part of talk, audience was taken back into history depicting few scientists and their contributions. It was then the 2 worlds: Intellectual Property Rights and Science intersected and it was made obvious to kids, how and why filing patent, using IPR, protecting your work using right laws are important for the problems you (the upcoming youth) are going to solve.

The talk started with showing how one can identify problems in daily lives affecting many people and what it takes to solve one such problem. One can either choose to live with problems or give their best to solve that problem benefiting not at personal level but making positive impact in many lives. Richard Turere TED Talk. This clip, instantly ignited spark in audience and made kids to pour their ideas about how they wish to solve a problem. SciKnowTech student Dhruvraj Gohil (Grade 7) shared how he created Pothole detector.

Ms. Shah then went on to explain how Intellectual Property Rights enable you to use laws in order to document and own your invention. How can one make use of it to generate well deserved money in return of hardwork & finally how it gives you the credit of your own relentless efforts. She introduced kids to ‘Patent’, ‘Design’ & ‘Trademark’ explaining all terms in crisp yet simple language. A fun quiz was then conducted  where kids were asked to categorize various examples under IPR into either Patent, Design or Trademark. Kids got all of them right showing how well they digested the newly introduced concept.

Following could be included under IPR.

Dr. Bhatt who is firm believer of experiential learning, grabbed audience’s interest asking what is research ? She presented her views on experiential learning and 21st century skills. Dr. Bhatt demonstrated few science experiments convincing audience that experimenting and experiencing the science around it is the best way to learn. Using 2 exercises, she explained Newton’s Laws of Motion. It was indeed an easy way to understand a complex concepts of physics.

Dr. Bhatt shared life stories of great scientists such as Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Thomas Alva Edison, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai & Alfred Nobel who founded the Nobel Prize. Each of these stories focused on the magnitude of efforts these people put, their commitment and their dedication. The narration showed that life was neither fair nor easy for the scientists back then. For many of them, the recognition for their invention came many years after they died. For some, they got killed as their theory was not in line with the religious belief of that time. E.g Earth is not the center of solar system. It took decades and few scientists to make the world believe that Sun is in the center of solar system.

In the end, it was quite enlightening to realize how tricky it gets when an invention is made. It involves so many years of efforts. With that comes failures, frustration, politics, debates, negotiation and finally the plagiarism. Hence it is of utmost importance to document and protect all your work at legal front. Thanks SciKnowTech & Jatin Trivedi of YJ Trivedi-AMA academy for such valuable information! This is indeed the best gift in terms of knowledge and wisdom that kids can get on this day!

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