Empowering the Youth Through Stem

Written by Sofiya Shahiwala

Morgan Appel, the Assistant Dean for Education and Community Outreach at UC San Diego Extension said that in today’s constantly changing environment, our youth must be prepared with the fundamentals of STEM teaching. This would make them able enough to solve real-life problems, comprehend information, and gather evidence for taking decisions.

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning

STEM Education, at the grassroots level, revolves around the conceptual understanding of some of the most creative subjects of the academic curriculum – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. There is a wide range of flexibility in teaching as well as learning these subjects. Clay P. Bedford, the president of one of the renowned aerospace and electronics’ production company once said, “If you teach a student by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” The philosophy of Bedford and many other such individuals are embedded in STEM Education and its teachings.

In the 21st century, innovations and technological advancements have become a part and parcel of the human lifestyle. The things around us are getting more complex and the traditional method of teaching students with the help of four walls and a classroom does not work anymore. There are new pedagogical ways like flipped classroom teaching, brainstorming sessions, collaborative classes, exhibitions, etc. for an approach that involves participation more than instruction. In such classes, the teacher takes the role of a facilitator and the young minds are the ones sharpened in the room. The need for such classrooms facilitating conceptual learning has risen so much that even the government of our country lays stress upon it. The government, with the passage of each year, tries to include new policies for a modern approach towards education.

But how can the youth become a part of such a new education system?

By support and interaction.

A slab of clay just needs to be moulded correctly. The potter handles and shapes the clay and gives it proper exposure to sunlight, air, and water. After this process, the freshly made pot can withstand many temperature changes with no cracks whatsoever. Similarly, the mind of a young individual simply needs some assistance and interaction with the elements around it. STEM Education does not give the youth a crutch to lean onto, but it empowers them enough to stand on their own.

Let us all join hands today on the National Youth Day of India and pledge to make ourselves, our children, and the future brighter and better.