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Interview of Sciknowtech Convener Dr Megha Bhatt on

Why, Where, When & How are the most asked questions by our kiddos to satisfy their curiosity. They always want to explore the best reasoning after every phenomena. We always try to nurture their ability to understand and learn things from the best way we have. As a parent we try our best to give them the perfect answers of all their questions but we are not experts. That’s why we seek help from the institutes and different academies to keep the fire alive of questioning and gaining the knowledge at grass-root level.

There are many places who caters to conceptual learning for children or other places for experimental learning for children. But very few are offering the combination of conceptual, experimental and experiential learning for children from grade 1-9.

Here we are talking about Dr Megha Bhatt, who is an educationalist, scientist, researcher and an anchor. By virtue of her high academic qualifications, vast experience and supreme passion, she has designed and devised her brainchild “SciKnowTech Academics”, which is completely out-of-the-box, unique & self-sufficient platform for creating scientific attitude, cultivating scientific aptitude, molding scientific temperament, nurturing scientific approach and generating scientific curiosity in children with practical and theoretical tools in short the best way to enrich the wisdom and learn the facts behind any event.

Explore the expertise of the Woman who has decided to use her abilities to fulfill the curiosity of children on

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