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Khsuhis Creative Section – a Charming Poem

A charming and lovable post by Khushi – one of the most engrossed kids with SciKnowTech……Amazing words from such a small child (Courtesy – “Kushi’s Creative Section” Facebook page)

Saturday is my favorite day as I have a class on that day! Meghamam and Sir, help me and my friends to learn about science, technology and they give knowledge on various subjects.

I have written this poem on my classes !

Sci- Know – Tech

Saturday is a better day,
Because we learn and grow that day!
We go on adventurous field trips,
And improve our scientific grips.
We all get different books ,
Which often seem interesting by their looks.
We have great workshops,
By attending them ,
We reach to the top.
We learn to respect our folder,
As it is a very good holder.
There we have 2 labs,
And one tab.
our teacher is the best ,
She has even won many tests.
I have described my super classes,
Do you want to join my classes?

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