Meghna Bhutoria from Kolkata – A second session in “FunXploring Talks” series

Second “FunXploring Talk” in our monthly series by Ms. Meghna Bhutoria of MakersLoft, Kolkata, who is an MBA from INSEAD, France.

Having lived & worked at Silicon Valley in US, Meghna talked to parents, kids and teachers about skills necessary tomorrow for kids, current education system & its challenges, un-necessary load on kids of rot-learning which is not going to be of much use at the time they are employable tomorrow, STEM education, Robotics, Technology’s pros & cons etc.

Meghna has trained more than 5000 students from 100+ schools !!

One of the main take-aways….”Make children active creators of technology instead of passive consumers”.

Meghna’s teams participated in World Robot Olympiad India (WRO) championship held in Ahmedabad over last weekend and 2 teams won the competition !!

Follow this space for the next talk / session in the month of October.