Well-designed courses across the boards (IGCSE, IB, ISCE, CBSE and Gujarat Board) with main base as NCERT (National Council of Education Research & Training).

Interactive Sessions

Sessions are a blend of theoretical concepts, practical experiments with models, audio-visual tools and creative tests/evaluation for better understanding and judgment.


You have a lot to offer and maybe you’ll learn something new, too!
Laughter and relationship are immensely good for everyone’s health and well being.

To meet others and have an opportunity to be yourself.
Experience a real “learner-centered” environment.
Hands on experience of what it really means to get students connected.

Expert Faculty Visits

To provide an inter-disciplinary approach, few specific sessions to be taken by subject related experts as guest faculties.

Field Visits

Specific sessions include actual site-visits for better/clear understanding of a focused subject-matter.

Annual Fests