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SciKnowTech Academics – Coursework for Grade 2

Dear Megha ma’am n Sir,

Thank you so much for organizing such wonderful Sciknow Fest. This is very unique way of teaching complicated science concepts in Fun filled way.

Our conventional education system ends with stress bursting Exams. Where majority of students just mug up and vomit it in pappers and then everything evoperates in few days or months.

But with Sciknow Tech year ends with Sciknow Fest, where students joyfully celebrate this Festival and demonstrate theoritical concepts and it’s relevance and importance in day to day Life and remember it for Life time.

I just remember one beutiful proverb:
“I hear and I forget,
I see and I remember,
I do and I understand.”

Along with practical they learn presentaion skills also and also get chance to show their hidden potential.

In the end recognition provide with motivation to start new year with more zeal and more vigor.

Today we have seen Devansh sooo Happy on his first acedamic achievement. I bake brownies to celebrate his Happy moments and make it memorable day.

Once again, Thank you so much all your efforts.

Experiential learning unites perception, innovativeness and dynamic collaborations into early years instruction. It permits kids to see reason and to make the most of their learning experience. Learning occurs through the change of encounters.

-Subjects combined into one lesson

-Using all five senses in science

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