About Us

SciKnowTech, convened by Educationist and Scientist Dr. Megha Bhatt, is a novel platform to present “Experiential Teaching” of Science upto Grade 10 in form of school theoretical course-work, experiments, model-making, audio-visual field visits & expert’s intervention.

Experiential Teaching Method

SciKnowTech – An “Experiential Teaching” platform for Science & Math for school kids with novel tools. Convened by Educationist & Scientist Dr. Megha Bhatt.

Smart And Easy Activities and Workshop

We pride ourselves to bring on smart and easy activities and workshops that will help your kid’s fast learning abilities with smart senses.

Adaptable & Advanced Curriculum

‘SciKnowTech’ means the place where kids grow themselves with the help of traditional and new technical learning using an adaptable and advanced curriculum.

Annual Programs

‘SciKnowTech’ is the platform where kids interact with “Experience Learning” of Science and maths of 2-10 std with Ideal Annual Programs. Available – Offline / Online / Hybrid.

Year End Carnival

‘SciKnowTech’ Celebrating carnival with a lots of joy with information and innovation by the students.

Enjoying National Science day with RJ Archana

Our Activities

Blend of Theoretical & Practical Concepts

Audio-Visual tools

Creative tests / evaluation / quizzes

″Learner-Centered″ Environment

Well-designed standard-wise graded courses

Field trips (including virtual)


Creative Craftwork

Expert′s intervention

Outreach programmes with creative partners

Year-end Carnival

About the Founders

Vision of Sciknowtech

SciKnowTech believes in spreading experiential learning with multiple languages of learning for school-going children to make seemingly fearful subjects like Science & Math very interesting & engaging in fun-way in order to achieve our motto – “Exposure Leads to Exploration & Exploration to Innovation” !!

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