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SciKnowTech is an initiative by Dr. Megha Bhatt (Environmental Scientist). A passionate educationist, she has received her Ph.D. from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and carries with her 26 years of teaching experience. She has also been associated with organizations like NCSC, Gujcost, and DST (Dept. of Science & Technology).

Established in 2015 with the prime philosophy of Experiential STEAM learning, the main aim of SciKnowTech is to build scientific temperament and aptitude in children, which is exercised with various modules it offers. The main flagship program of SciKnowTech is the annual program, held at a full-fledged academy (with creative laboratories), which caters to children from Grade 2 to 10. The program covers their curricula of Science & Math not only theoretically, but also experientially in the form of multiple languages of learning like Field Trips, Year-end Grand Carnivals, DIY Kits, Model Making, Experiments, Creative Craftwork, Story-telling, Expert intervention & a lot more! The year-long program also offers to learn beyond the curriculum in form of children participating in local & national fairs, contests, seminars, and exciting learning curves in the form of outreach programs. Children also get to meet & interact with a lot of experts & personalities. They also get exposure to SciKnowTech’s partners for forwardly integrated programs like Lego, Robotics, Programming, etc. 

Beyond being a full-fledged academy in Ahmedabad, one wing of SciKnowTech convenes workshops in schools, universities, and other social organizations to spread Science and expose the kids to “Experiential Learning”. 

SciKnowTech now offers a hybrid module with the richest experience to children pan-India & globally with the surety of making them feel as if they are present physically in sessions with complete deliverables. 

In order to reach the grass-root level, SciKnowTech now has a trust called “SciKnowTech Education Foundation”, which holds, under its umbrella, outreach activities and workshops for the underprivileged sections of the society – thereby ensuring Experiential Learning even in the remotest of areas. The trust also works for Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship.

SciKnowTech proves its tagline – “Exposure leads to Exploration & Exploration to Innovation” with enriched learning, learned faculties & ultramodern infrastructure & technical setup.

With passion, coupled with the conviction of propagating meaningful science to children, SciKnowTech has reached from 7 children in 2015 to 200+ children now part of the academy; and has exposed 40K+ children to experiential learning with more than 580 workshops and 86+ Teachers’ Training Programs.

Think Science & Math – Think SciKnowTech !!