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SciKnowTech Education Foundation is a Trust by SciKnowTech, which holds under its umbrella out-reach activities and workshops for the under-privileged section of the society – thereby ensuring to take Experiential Learning to grass-root level. The trust also works in the area of Women empowerment & entrepreneurship also.

SciKnowTech Education Foundation (SEF) attempts to develop a sense of scientific aptitude and understanding in individuals, particularly within the youth, by developing the method of considering science as a part of one’s day to day life. The scientific exposure enables an attitude of exploration within the young minds, thereby making them ever-ready for the future. The holistic development would allow them in critical thinking and rapid problem-solving which are the need of the hour.

The foundation is the source of moral, ethical, physical, social, scientific and cultural aspects. We intend to promote public awareness for overall development by helping women, students and youth with opportunities, scholarships, prizes, allowances as well as other financial assistance. We aim to run coaching classes for women, children, social welfare centres, and set up and run civic training centres, libraries and reading rooms for the disadvantaged and deprived sections of the society.

SciKnowTech Education Foundation also is a platform for other trusts / NGOs to collaborate with to present engaging workshops, seminars & activities for children, parents, educators & stakeholders for experiential STEM learning & skill development in society as a whole.