Shreya Pareek (Daughter of Shrikant & Jyoti Pareek), Anand Niketan

“SciKnowTech sessions are the best on the earth ! Megha Aunty is amazing”


Vivaan Mehta

Vivaan did have a Science quotient right from day one. A specific effort by SciKnowTech channelized his aptitude in the right direction for him to be selected at Duke’s university’s prestigious Science exploration activity – Surabhi Mehta


Aarav Savala

Aaarav got excited specially with the experimental sessions of SciKnowTech and separately started pursuing Robtics. We were so happy that he represented India in finals of International Robotics competition (held at Quatar) and won the Gold Medal ! So proud of him. Thanks SciKnowTech to continue imbibing Scientific curiosity in Aaarv – Sheetal Savala


Arnav Chudasma

Aarnav is a sports-loving person and beyond the time he invests in sports and long school-hours, he always looks forward to attending SciKnowTech sessions – all the way from Gandhinagar to Satellite ! He has scored second position in recent Olympiad(NSO) – Toral Chudasma


Arhana Patel

Arhana has been too much loaded with her academics and didn’t have time to develop Scientific attitude. Today she not only has started scoring good grades, but also has been able to nurture and enjoy Science as a faculty – Aashini Patel


Vivan Nagpal

Vivaan, coming from Medico family, has had natural instinct towards Science as a subject. He loves being part of SciKnowTech – specially the live experiments and expert’s intervention – Dr. Kamal Nagpal


Hridaya Patel

Hridaya has always been a sportsperson with little time with her for orientation towards Science as a subject. She loves being part of SciKnowTech – specially field visits…one of the visits happened at our place for exploration of flora and fauna – Shilpa


Rhythm Mehta

Rhythm always gets excited in learning Science with experiments and SciKnowTech has provided a very strong platform for him to get in to Scientific temperament, Thanks to SciKnowTech and great efforts by Megha Maam  – Geeta Mehta


Nishi Wagrecha

Nishi lives in Rajasthan and was planning to move to Ahmedabad. We took opportunity to expose her to SciKnowTech during her 1-month stay in Ahmedabad. The mere exposure to SciKnowTech and efforts by SciKnowTech helped her with her ICSC course-work in Prestigious Mayo school – Priti Wagrecha



Shanaya was very excited about her sibling’s association with SciKnowTech. Fortunately SciKnowTech decided to take sessions from Grade 5 onwards. Shanaya was so much looking forward to it, that she started attending sessions right away while being in Grade 4 and now will move to Grade 5 with SciKnowTech



Preya followed footsepts of her sibling and started attending SciKnowTech in grade 4. She is every-time so excited to take sessions that she reaches SciKnowTech venue few minutes earlier only – Shilpa



Kian was part of SciKnowTech for few fiend-visits and was thrilled with the possibility of taking regular sessions. He is actually moving to another school in Pune and so, will miss out this year. I wish he gets associated with SciKnowTech in sometime in future. Megha Maa’am does do decent job in making Science so much fun – Chaitali Shah