Annual Programme

SciKnowTech’s flagship programme is a graded year-long programme with the following highlights:

✅ Which Subjects? – Science / Math / Both

✅ Mode of delivery? – Online & Offline (including Hybrid Module)

✅ Who can apply ? – Children across India

✅ Which Grades / Boards?

– Grade 2 to 8 – All boards- Grade 9 & 10 – CIE (IGCSE) board

✅ What does it include?

Grade-wise curriculum – theoretically (chapter-wise) & experientially (in form of audio-visual, DIY Kits, field-trips-incl. virtual, experiments, year-end carnival, creative craftwork, story-telling, expert’s intervention & lot more beyond academics).

✅ Do Children need to go to tuition classes after enrolling at SciKnowTech?

No. We cover all chapter-wise & grade-wise theory too.

✅ How to enrol?
Reach out to us at +91-9825505969 OR email us at so that our team can appraise you on your queries. You are most welcome to visit our academy too for enrollment.