Addressing the Sun – Solar Eclipse (Dec. 26, 2019)

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Addressing the Sun – Solar Eclipse (Dec. 26, 2019)

Addressing the Sun – Solar Eclipse (Dec. 26, 2019)

Written by Sofiya Shahiwala

The enthusiastic team of SciKnowTech academy, along with the astronomy expert, Mr. Tanmaye Vyas, organised an informative event at the MegaEdufest in Ahmedabad, India.

Mr. Tanmaye Vyas is a well-known Astronomer with extensive experience in teaching as well as astrophysics. It is maintained that more than one lakh people have gotten the chance to observe the sky from his telescope.
Moreover, he has been an honorary teacher in about two hundred (200) municipal schools.

With the coming solar eclipse at hand, the group focused on making people aware of the science prevailing in the outer-space. They put forth an explanatory piece to demonstrate and explain how the Solar Eclipse works.

Proactively addressing a boisterous crowd of more than a hundred, Mr Vyas began by demystifying the cultural beliefs and local superstitions of orthodox India. He made the distinguishing qualities between Astrology and Astronomy clearer.
Having done with the introduction, he went on to explain about the distinct types and processes of the eclipse.

Mr. Tanmaye incorporated dual-language in his speech to include the different age groups present in the audience.
He explained how an eclipse works and demonstrated visual aids to make the congregation understand the varying types of the solar eclipse and the scientific reasons behind it.

The event ended with compiling beauty and science when Mr Vyas showed the audience the alluring photographs which were taken on a solar eclipse.

The magnificence of science by such little acts makes the people overwhelmed. The SciKnowTech Team is always believed to have offered something which leaves the audience completely in awe with the beauty and charm of science.

Science, indeed, could be fun when you allow yourself to explore.

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