CSR Activities by SciKnowTech


SciKnowTech is very conscious about need of the society today. In order for village kids also to have an exposure to “Experiential Learning”, Dr. Megha Bhatt regularly visits the munciple schools around Ahmedabad to take regular sessions of Science concept.

SciKnowTech is pleased to have partnered with Finar Foundation, one of the most CSR-conscious corporates, to carry on these workshops jointly with the title of “Magic or Logic”.

Kids are thrilled to get exposed to the fact that everything happening in the world has a specific scientific logic / rationale to back up seemingly magical situation.

It is extremely satisfying to take these sessions (and that too most of the times in varnacular Gujarati language) when at the end of each and every session, you see a smiling face behind less-priveged community of kids, who deserve equal opportunities of livelihood with their heads up in the society.

This amazing click is after SciKnowTech’s workshop in a village school, where exhilarated kids are running after the car to show their gratitude for the fantastic experience they had from the workshop. So much satisfying experience.

Here are excited kids from one more school in Changodar in outskirts of Ahmedabad.

SciKnowTech is committed to keep serving the society hand-in-hand with Finar Foundation to make an attempt to bring in “educational change” in academic fraternity.