Experiential learning – The key to real learning !

Experiential learning – The key to real learning !

In today’s education system where online learning is the new norm, teaching methods should also be modernized wherein learning should be fun, interesting, and profound.

With a fast growing tech industry and an easy access to tech gadgets for this generation, experiential learning is making its way to the top. Wondering what experiential learning is? Experiential learning is a process where the student learns about the subject or any specific topic through live experiences such as projects, field trips, role-playing, graphics, audio & video visuals, etc.

Experiential learning techniques are fun and keep the young learners more involved with their subjects instead of the conventional boring classroom teaching. These techniques help learners to get a profound and deeper understanding of subjects. It engages students’ minds and creates interest through a creative and innovative learning process. Oftentimes students find these traditional methods of teaching difficult to focus on. This is especially true for demanding subjects such as Science and Mathematics, and this is where experiential learning can help. By making the sessions more interactive, we can keep the students engaged easily for longer periods.

These methods can help children develop their ability to think critically about real-life problems. It presents a fresh outlook to them. Children begin to think in grey rather than just in black & white. It is a process that enables their unique way of learning through different methods of teaching.

To summarise, learning process is something very essential. And for today’s children, experiential learning methods are more suitable. Are your children ready to discover the Einstein in them?

Yagnaja Vyas

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