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Is it Migration Time Yet?

Written by Sofiya Shahiwala

Winter is here and as we all know, so is the time for brisk winds and chilly mornings. As we, as children, try to remain under our blankets and sleep a little more before we are forced to go to school, other animals tend to move their places in order to stay warmer.

Animals usually migrate to get a warmer environment or better food supplies.

Here are some fun facts about animal migration that might leave you with fascination and wonder:

  1. Arctic Terns hold the record of the longest animal migration (annually) in the history of animals.
    These birds travel from the North Pole, all the way to Antarctica, covering over 70,000 kilometres a day!
  2. Emperor Penguins walk almost a hundred miles each year to their nesting grounds.
    It is interesting to note that all the penguins from all over Antarctica migrate at the same time to reach their nesting place.
  3. It is estimated that about 5 million crabs are present on Christmas Island. These crabs, all at once, migrate to the seaside. One can actually see the ‘red carpet’ during this time.
    The awe-factor is not the red carpet but the fact that people of this island tend to be as precautious as they can, in order to avoid any accidental deaths of these crabs. The people are so considerate that they have constructed bridges and underground tunnels for the migration.
  4. Every year, the Monarch butterflies cross over 3000 miles for migration, making a mark as the longest insect migration. This migration is so long that it takes up to two to three butterfly generations to complete.
  5. The most famous of animal migrations, The Great Migration, includes over 1.5 million Wildebeests, 500,000 Zebras, 18,000 Elands, and 200,000 Thompson’s Gazelles.
  6. Ever slept during class?
    Some birds fly for several days without taking a break. Hence, they’re able to fall into a light sleep while flying?
  7. Birds have to maintain a proper diet before they leave for the migration journey. Some of them even double their weight to keep warm and get extra fat.

Young Minds have always been fascinated by birds and animals. Migration might be a new concept but the factual understanding of the colourful birds and wild animals always strikes up a new spark of interest which is more alluring than the plain texts.

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