Is Research Method Possible for Kids?

Written by Sofiya Shahiwala

Formally defined as a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe, Science in very simple terms is the study of the world around us. Many students consider the subject to be very difficult, thereby considering ‘scientific’ research an even tougher row to hoe!

What really is scientific research?

Science scholars, researchers, as well as scientists, use the practical or scientific research method to give answers to unexplored questions. First things first, they find a gap in the research areas, or in simpler terms, they look for a topic to do their research upon. After that, they make a guess (put forward a hypothesis) over what could be the reason behind the occurrence of a certain phenomenon. Then, after careful experimenting and testing, they come towards a conclusion which either supports or rejects their guess/hypothesis.

Sounds too difficult for a child to do, right?

Well, not really!

If you have the desire to carry out research on a certain topic, you need the determination to work for it, the curiosity to go to unexplored places, the will to do it and lots and lots of passion! Let us walk you through the step-by-step process:

1. Observe: Look around, there are millions of things happening around you – from sunlight entering through a small hole in the wall to ice melting in the open – keep observing with an open mind.

2. Question: Do not be afraid to ask questions about the things happening around you. Ask questions like why, what, how, and what if.

3. Develop a Hypothesis: Think of a possible answer to your question.

4. Experiment: Try to answer the question by exploring and experimenting on the topic.

5. Draw Conclusions: Look at how the experiment results vary and come to a conclusion based on your questions and hypothesis. Arrange your results and put them forth in the form of pie charts or bar graphs for people to infer the results with ease.

6. Voila! We’re all done!

Research Process Poster (PDF) by GnarlyGATEKnowledge | TpT

With these simple steps and the correct exposure, we assure you that even your kid can become a research scholar! At SciKnowTech, we not only teach young minds about science, but we also nurture a sense of curiosity and intrigue in their minds, pushing them further to take one more step towards their bright future. Are you still not sure if your child can do research? Reach out to us now for discovering the full potential of your child!

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