Written by Sofiya Shahiwala

SciKnowTech, the name itself comprises three of the most advancing concepts of the evolving humans – Science, Knowledge, and Technology. With the aim of building a haven for enthusiasts, we started with this organization four years ago, having a sparkle in our eyes and a dream in our minds. Today, the academy has flourished enough to bless us with loving children and support associates. Our main intent at the think-tank is to give the students learning which is beyond cramming the mere academic content provided in the syllabus. We do it with the advent of experimental as well as experiential & application-based teaching which, in today’s world, is the foundation upon which the future must be built upon

With the main motto of “Exposure Leads to Exploration”, SciKnowTech has always been an institute which focuses more on quality than quantity. That is the only reason we facilitate the best of faculties and the most precise manners of teaching. There’s a major thought process which goes beyond what is taught on board. The founders and pioneers of the academy, Dr. Megha Bhatt and Saleel Bhatt play substantial roles here. According to us, the number of students isn’t the most important concern; what we are more concerned about is the way the children will be brought about, and how they will lead in the future. Hence, we keep ourselves close-knit and educating.

Once one becomes a part of the institute, he/she may not need to go to any other form of coaching institute / tuition classes to learn the curriculum taught in school as everything, from text to experiments will be covered at SciKnowTech with 360 degree learning. In general, we are not just an academy where the only aspect taught is related to the text but we also impart knowledge & learning. From in-built laboratories and library to conducting workshops every month all over Ahmedabad, we focus on spreading this field as much as possible. Our workshops relate to everyday issues, creativity added with science, and much more.

Every year, we try to improve and improvise on our endeavors. That brings me to the fundamental aspect of this article. We’ve come up with one of the most informative as well as a fun concept to contribute towards developing individuals. This time we’ve opted blogging and writing articles so as to impart knowledge as well as expand our concept. As it is self-explanatory that our blogs would be about science, we will be focusing on everything related to science and experiential learning. There would be articles uploaded on a regular basis based upon facts, news, science, art, and even the happenings in Ahmedabad itself.

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