Grade 4

SciKnowTech Academics – Coursework for Grade 4

Super Senses

Snake Charmer’s Story

Tasting to Digesting

Hot & Cold

Sight – Short and Far sightedness



Understanding Life Systems

Plant as manufacturer of food

Populations of Organisms – Habitats & Communities

Food Chains & Food Webs

Plant & Animal structures that support growth, reproduction and Behaviour (Seed Story)

Plant & Animal relationships in an ecosystem like Forests, Desserts & Grasslands

Plant & Animal Adaptation and Survival

Human Interaction with the Environment

Animal Structures to carry out processes like eating, pray capturing activities, walking, swimming


Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

Pulleys and Gears


Matter & Energy

Definition of Energy

Movement & Transfer of Energy

Law of Conservation of Energy

Conductors & Insulators

Relationship between Energy & Forces

Energy in Chemical Processes

Energy & Fuel from natural resources

Magnets & Magnetic Forces

Safe use of Electricity

Wave properties & motions

Change in state of matter (Evaporation, Melting, Condensation & Freezing)

Water cycle

Floating & Sinking


Light & Sound

Light and shadows

Formation of shadows


Formation of sound

Types of instruments

Sound-Soothing & Sound-Pollution


Earth & Space Systems

History of Earth

Changes through Plate Tectonics (Earthquake & Volcano as well as their locations)

Evidence of changes in structure of Earth due to forces

Changes in Earth due to Physical and Chemical weathering

Natural resources, their importance and uses

How living things affect the physical characteristics of their region

Hazards that result from natural processes as well as extreme natural events


Our Natural Resource

Water – “Every Drop counts” –  Properties of Water


Health and Safety

Health Choices

Benefits of Health (Healthy eating, exercise, adequate sleep, disease prevention, avoidance of accidents and dangers)

Fitness – A personal responsibility

Body systems and their functions

Nutrients and their benefits

Prevention of transmission of disease

Communicable & Non-communicable disease

Ways body defends itself against germs

Basic safety rules

Responding to emergencies

Use, Abuse and Effects of medications, tobacco, alcohol and other substances