Grade 3

SciKnowTech Academics – Coursework for Grade 3

Understanding Matter and Energy: Properties of Liquids and Solids

Understanding Earth and Space Systems: Air and Water in the Environment

Understanding Life Systems: Growth and Changes in Animals

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms: Movement

Understanding Life Systems: Growth and Changes in Plants

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms: Strong and Stable Structures

Understanding Matter and Energy: Forces Causing Movement

Understanding Earth and Space Systems: Soils in the Environment


Learn Processes of Science

– Should be able to ask questions.

– Investigations and explorations relevant to the content by asking questions like (e.g., “wonder…?”; “What -causes…?”;“What do I need to use to…? “How is it the same as ____?”) a

– Can demonstrate a range of thinking skills (e.g., “What happens if ___?”; “Can you find a way to ____?”; How is ____ both good and bad for ____ [the environment]?”; “What reason do you have for ____?”)

– Can correctly use standard or non‐standard units where measure objects and events (e.g., hand spans or metre stick)

– To develop quantitative descriptions place objects/observations on appropriate scales (e.g., lightest to heaviest; shortest to longest; weakest to strongest; closest to farthest)  accurately record observations using charts and diagrams (e.g., Venn diagrams, compare/contrast charts)

– Use standardized formats (e.g., Know, Want‐to‐Know, Did, Learned) to report results of measurements apply appropriate scales for several events (e.g., day, night; seasons)