Grade 3

SciKnowTech Academics – Coursework for Grade 3

Living and non living things
The human body
Safety and first aid
Our environment
Our univere
Moon phases
Rocks, soiland minerals
Force, work and energy
Transport and communication
My family
Feeding habits of animals
Water o water
Games we play
Making pots


Learn Processes of Science

– Should be able to ask questions.

– Investigations and explorations relevant to the content by asking questions like (e.g., “wonder…?”; “What -causes…?”;“What do I need to use to…? “How is it the same as ____?”) a

– Can demonstrate a range of thinking skills (e.g., “What happens if ___?”; “Can you find a way to ____?”; How is ____ both good and bad for ____ [the environment]?”; “What reason do you have for ____?”)

– Can correctly use standard or non‐standard units where measure objects and events (e.g., hand spans or meter stick)

– To develop quantitative descriptions place objects/observations on appropriate scales (e.g., lightest to heaviest; shortest to longest; weakest to strongest; closest to farthest)  accurately record observations using charts and diagrams (e.g., Venn diagrams, compare/contrast charts)

– Use standardized formats (e.g., Know, Want‐to‐Know, Did, Learned) to report results of measurements apply appropriate scales for several events (e.g., day, night; seasons)